My Interview with Instructure

So, recently I had an interview with Instructure.  If you have ever heard of Canvas then you may have have heard of Instructure.  Anyways, I was contacted by one of their recruiters through LinkedIn. Now, I had applied for Instructure years back, and was told at the time that I lived too far away from their campus, so I figured I would talk to them.

The preliminary phone interview with the recruiter was fairly simple and mainly was just where I wanted to go with my career and what I currently do at my job.  At the end of the interview I was told that I could move forward but that they did not think it would be a fit.

Anyways, the next step was to take the HackerRank test that they have.  It was a serious of multiple questions.  If you take it, it would be advisable to study the HTTP protocol and Python.  It also consisted of two programming questions, they are the same as listed on Glassdoor.  Therefore, I would suggest studying those problems.  I did not pass the test but I was confused about the problems for a minute.  The lesson I learned there is I should have prepared by looking at Glassdoor.

Lastly, I should mention that I am happy with my current job but am always passively looking.  I did this interview because I had applied for Instructure years ago and they were on my radar as a company I would want to work for.

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