Hi! I’m Travis

It is nice to meet you! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. First of all, let’s talk about my career. I am a Software Developer located in Clearfield, Utah. I use to do most of my work in Ruby on Rails, though it has been a few years, and I really loved the Ruby language and Rails framework. Now I work mainly with C# MVC which is also a great language and framework. I am happy with where I am at now, working for ES3 in Clearfield, but am always open to new job opportunities.

As for when I got started developing, well, that would have to be back in high school where I gained an interest in PHP and built a few little web applications in it. After that initial introduction I took a Java course in high school where I learned programming was a good fit for me. I started my professional experience as an intern at ES3 back in 2011. I was originally hired for a summer internship which turned to a part-time internship in the summer of 2012. My first reposiblities were to redo the website as well as update their asset management system to a newer version of Rails.

Enough about that, let’s talk about my other interests. Well, I like programming side projects in my spare time, snowboarding, biking, watching movies, riding WaveRunners, and mini-golfing. I still have somewhat of an interest in web hosting and if you are interested you can host with me.

Now, if you are looking for some of my work checkout my GitHub profile. The project I am the most proud of right now is Origami SMTP which is a fake SMTP server with TLS support.

Well, thanks for stopping by I hope to see you again soon!