Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (L)/(R)

We have two sets of joy-cons, which is perfect for my wife and I, but on the occasions we have company it would be nice to have a couple more sets instead of splitting each joy-con into two.

PowerA Joy Con Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch Black

We have one of these already and it’s great when I do not want to play with the joy cons separate. I would like a few more for the other controllers.

Supershieldz for Google (Pixel 3) Tempered Glass

I usually keep a screen protector on my phone. My current one works but has a crack in it. I am looking to replace it.

TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch w/ 3-Way Kit

I am not going to lie. I like smart devices. We have three lamps setup to our Google Home and it is nice. I would like to start to wire my house to have the lights be the same way since it is awfully convenient just to tell Google to turn off the lights when you forgot to turn one off instead of having to get out of bed and do it.

I chose this brand because I have had TP-Link products in the past and have been pleased with them.

Southwest Gift Card

Those of you who know me well know that I like to travel and that my favorite airline is Southwest. So, a gift card towards a flight is always a nice present.

Amazon Gift Card

I like to get stuff on Amazon. If you get me a gift card to them I will most likely put it towards buying one of the items on this list.

*Prices are estimates only and may not reflect the actual cost of the item