Hyper Tough 16 Quart Automotive Drain Pan Container

I have an oil pan but it’s basic and kind of sucks. This would be an improvement over what I have. Pick it up at your local Walmart.

Mediasonic PROBOX 4 Bay 3.5” SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

With the growth of the Jellyfin/Plex server more space will be needed. This will allow me to add a lot more space. Potentially up to 80TB.

Sinclair Gift Card

We usually get our gas from Sinclair. I can always use gas. You can get these at Holiday Gas Stations.

Beyond Spa Gift Certificate

I have never got a massage but I am curious about them.

Amazon Gift Card

I like to get stuff on Amazon. If you get me a gift card to them I will most likely put it towards buying one of the items on this list.

*Prices are estimates only and may not reflect the actual cost of the item