ErsatzTV: Unable to locate jellyfin admin user

So, this is a quick blog post just in case I can help anybody or if I run into this problem again. So, if you do not know what ErsatzTV is it is a program that lets you create your own channels that can be used with Jellyfin and Plex. You can also use Jellyfin […]

Cat Sitting Payment Rates

When we go on vacation we usually hire a company. However there may be times we will offer the following rates to someone who we find dependable. If this is something you may be interested in let us know. The job includes: 2 one hour visits a day (morning and night) Feeding the cats Checking […]

DigitalOcean to Hetzner

I have made the decision to move from DigitalOcean to Hetzner. The reason for this change is based on price and performace. Hetzner provides more resources at a cheaper price. This upgrade will result in faster sites and better backups. If you are using our nameservers this change should be unnoticeable to you for the […]

PrivateEmail to ZOHO Mail

Well, I’ve migrated email providers again. This time it’s PrivateEmail to ZOHO. You may be wondering about the reason for this change and the answer has to do with Microsoft Outlook. I tried to send an email to myself which is hosted on and I got a bounce message saying that one of PrivateEmail’s […]

Migration from Google Workspace to PrivateEmail

So, I got an email this week stating that Google is discontinuing its G Suite legacy free edition by June 27th. While they were originally going to make everyone pay they have backtracked and said families can still use it as long as it’s 10 or fewer users. I have decided to migrate away from […]