Coding Challenge – Reverse Polish Calculator

 Reverse polish notation is a system in which the operators follow the operands.  For example 2 3 + would mean that 2 and 3 should be summed together. It does not need any parenthesis as long as the operators work on a fixed number of operands. Anyways, the coding challenge today is to create a […]

Coding Challenge – Bodies of Water

Problem: Write a program that first takes an integer N giving both the X and Y size, and then N number of lines. Each line will contain N space-delimited characters, 0, 1, or 2. These characters represent altitude on the map. Zero means water. First, find the bodies of water. A body of water is […]

Coding Challenge – Mirror

Problem: Let a mirror be a contiguous group of elements in an array such that somewhere in the array the same group appears in reverse order.  For example, the largest mirror section in {1,2,3,8,9,3,2,1} is length 3 (the {1,2,3} part).  Write a function that will return the length of the biggest mirror in the array. […]

My Interview with Instructure

So, recently I had an interview with Instructure.  If you have ever heard of Canvas then you may have have heard of Instructure.  Anyways, I was contacted by one of their recruiters through LinkedIn. Now, I had applied for Instructure years back, and was told at the time that I lived too far away from […]

Starting with a new Site

If you have visited this site in the past you may have seen some pretty ugly designs as well as some that were pretty good.  Well the last design was horrible, so I decided to redo the site.  I also decided to use WordPress so I could update the site easily. So far I think […]