Migration from Google Workspace to PrivateEmail

So, I got an email this week stating that Google is discontinuing its G Suite legacy free edition by June 27th. While they were originally going to make everyone pay they have backtracked and said families can still use it as long as it’s 10 or fewer users. I have decided to migrate away from Google as they have been slowly eroding this service and I cannot guarantee availability anymore. There will be a slight cost if you still want to use the pessetto.com email address.

How do I Access my New Email?

You will now access your email on http://mail.pessetto.com. If Safari says something about a site not being trusted use https://privateemail.com.


If you are using a email client like Outlook or Thunderbird you may need this information.

IMAP Settings

Connection SecuritySSL/TLS
Authentication MethodNormal Password
UsernameYour email address
PasswordYour password

SMTP Settings

Connection SecuritySSL/TLS
Authentication MethodNormal Password
UsernameYour email address
PasswordYour password

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost will be $12 per year per person or email address.

How Will I Pay My Bill?

Billing will be handled by Square. When you sign into your PrivateEmail account for the first time you should have an email with a reoccurring invoice from me. Use this to pay your first bill. If for some reason you cannot find the email you can ask me to send it again.

How Long do I Have to Decide?

The accounts are on a trial account right now but I will need a decision by June 26, 2022

Will I Still Have Access to My Old Emails?

Yes, I should be able to move them to your new account. That said, I had to reset your passwords to do this. They will be the same as your PrivateEmail account.

Will I Have Access to Google Drive?

You will probably no longer have access to Google Drive so move any files you want to keep

What About SPAM Protection?

Every account has an associated MXGuarddog account. You will get a SPAM report daily into your inbox. If you need to login to your account visit https://pessetto.spamflare.com. If you need to set a password visit https://pessetto.spamflare.com/resetpassword.

I am currently trying out MXGuarddog after the provided one from PrivateEmail, Jellyfish, appeared that it did not have the best of SPAM protection. If MXGuarddog is not much better then I will return to Jellyfish.

Why Did You Go with PrivateEmail and MXGuarddog?

I looked into a few options but most of them are expensive for what you get. For example, if I were to stick with Google the monthly fee would be $6.00/per month. I looked at some other providers such as ProtonMail, Hostinger Titan, Outlook, and Zoho but found them to either require very long term plans to get an affordable rate, expensive on a monthly basis, or were not generally trusted.

PrivateEmail and MXGuardog are both very cheap so I am able to source them for about $1.00 per person a month.

The Web Interface Sucks

Yes, the web interface sucks and I am thinking I may try to write a better one but it works for now. If you are using a computer consider using Outlook or Thunderbird. You can use the Mail app on an iPhone. If enough people don’t mind paying $6.00/month for email then I would be happy to use Google Suite or Microsoft 365. Just send me an email stating that’s what you would like to do.

Update: If you are on a computer you can now use https://email.pessetto.com for a nice web interface. It does not look good on mobile. You will still have to use http://mail.pessetto.com or https://privateemail.com to adjust most of your settings like changing your password.

Can I Change My Password?

Yes, via the web portal. Sign in at http://mail.pessetto.com or https://privateemail.com. Click the gear in the upper right-hand corner. You will find a link to change your password at the bottom of the screen.

I Don’t Have a Pessetto.com Email Account but Want One

The only two qualifications that I have for getting a pessetto.com email address are (1) you either have Pessetto as your last name or your maiden name was Pessetto and (2) you are willing to pay the fees to keep your email address (currently $12.00/year).

Will Prices Go Up?

They probably will in the future because that is how things go. The price may go up if I switch providers or the current provider increases their rate.

Can You See My Emails?

Yes and no, I have the ability to see quarantined items from MXGuarddog and have the ability to reset your password so I can access your account if I need to. I usually do not access your email accounts. The only time I have accessed them so far is to migrate emails from Google to PrivateEmail. I will likely see your emails if I were to transfer providers again.

Are There Any Other Changes?

Yes, you have less space on the new email system than Google. You will be limited to 5GB so you may need to clear some of the mail out of your inbox.

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