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Well, I’ve migrated email providers again. This time it’s PrivateEmail to ZOHO. You may be wondering about the reason for this change and the answer has to do with Microsoft Outlook. I tried to send an email to myself which is hosted on and I got a bounce message saying that one of PrivateEmail’s IP addresses was blacklisted. I contacted support and let them know of the issue but they said it could take some time. The thing is we cannot have emails being blocked by Microsoft Outlook they’re just too big of a player in the game.

Therefore I was going to go to ZOHO Mail because they are still very cheap ($12/year for a basic email address) or 5 emails for free without access to IMAP. On top of that ZOHO is a pretty big player in the email game competing with Google and Microsoft so they do not have a history of any blacklisted IP addresses that I know of.

What is really great is apparently I signed up for them years ago (probably before switching to G Suite Legacy) and apparently I have 25 free licenses that allow IMAP (useful if you want to use the mail app on the phone). So, not only do we have a more reliable provider I am able to keep giving it to some of my family for free.

What you need to know

What you need to know is simple you can sign in at or you can sign in at The password is the same one sent to you for PrivateEmail but with a exclamation mark at the end. So if your password was Password712 it’s now Password712!. You can change your password via settings using

The IMAP/SMTP settings are as found in the table below.


Privacy is the same as it was previously where I can view everyone’s email if I really want to but requires resetting the passwords.

All your emails should have been transfered to ZOHO thanks to their handy migration tool.

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