DigitalOcean to Hetzner

I have made the decision to move from DigitalOcean to Hetzner. The reason for this change is based on price and performace. Hetzner provides more resources at a cheaper price. This upgrade will result in faster sites and better backups. If you are using our nameservers this change should be unnoticeable to you for the most part. Your site will be transitioned to the Hetzner server within the next 72 hours. You will still have access to DirectAdmin on the new server.

Adding Mail Baby

Hetzner also blocks outgoing email messages. This would be a bad thing but it can also be a good thing. I have signed up for Mail Baby which is an email relay service offered by Interserver. This means that your emails have a better chance of landing in the right inboxes. Mail Baby was chosen for it’s cheap cost of $1.00/month plus $0.20 per 1,000 emails. This seems like a good fit for now since not too many emails are sent. In the future I may go to SMTP2Go.

Mail Baby will also handle the outbound SPAM protection. This means if you are sending mail from the server your email may be scanned to see if it is considered SPAM. There is a chance your email will be blocked for further review if Mail Baby thinks it is SPAM.

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